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The Process

To better understand packages and pricing lets walk through the whole process of booking, shooting, and editing your photos.

1. Booking

Through email or phone we discuss your photo needs, the size of your group or team, and any other special needs. We choose the best session length for you and pick a date. I send a link to a booking page where you or members of your group can book a session and pay the session fee. Any special instructions or tips are sent to your email and you are free to contact me anytime with questions. Text reminders will help you remember the session and get you there on time.   

2. The Photo Session

When you get to the session we take pictures! It's relaxing and fun and just generally a great time.

3. Proofing Gallery

A day or two after a photo session I upload your pictures to an online gallery for you to look at. These are raw unfinished photos that you can look through and use to decide how many finished photos you want. You select the photos that you really like and want edits of. These selections are made individually or as packages. After you make your selections and pay for the edits, I get to work. Expect finished pictures within 2 weeks. 

4.Final Edited Gallery

After I finish the edits I send you a link to the final gallery. All the photos in the gallery are yours and you can download and use them however you want. You can also order prints directly through the gallery from one of the best print shops in the country. If you chose one of the edit packages that included a special print I will send you a link where you can make your photo selection.

Editing Example

While all the photos are taken during the photo session, the majority of my time is spent in editing. All the edited photos are meticulously touched up and refined by hand. A few get bonus special edits I make by painting with light. Here is an example of how photos change during the editing process.

Raw Gallery Proof

The original low resolution proof that is selected for an edit.



Final Standard Edit

The final image you can download and make prints from.



Special Light Painting Edit

Some edits will include a special edit I make by painting with light.



Extra Light Painting Edit

A few pictures I will make multiple light paintings of.

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